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SWORKz S14-3 "Carpet" 1/10 4WD Off-Road Racing Buggy PRO Kit

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This item is discontinued or no longer available.
5.50 LBS

SWORKz S14-3 "Carpet" 1/10 4WD Off-Road Racing Buggy PRO Kit


With the help of our SWORKz factory drivers, the SWORKz S14-3 was developed over a period of a year and in evaluation tests during races. The quality of the materials and the perception of the new standards. The front axle became fundamental. Here we have set our pivot ball strategy. C-Hub proved to be the faster version in the tests. The slipper in the middle is also included as standard. This has been made as deep as possible by means of new center holders and controlling main gears. 5mm universal joints front and rear have been designed with the experience of the 1/8. The shock absorbers are also new. Precise manufacturing and materials guarantee a certain function. Front and rear wishbones are new and durable composite nylon. The chassis is made of T7075 aluminum with the new “Center Twist” system, for optimized traction. Equipped with the new front and medium carbon decks, the traction increases again. The kit contains many SWORKz tuning parts. The actual materials paired with the latest manufacturing methods that lead to a faster, more stable but also associated vehicle, the SWORKz S14-3. SWORKz S14-3, deserved to win.


1. T7075 aluminum BHC (black hard-coated) chassis with new Center Flex System
2. CNC-manufactured crown gears and pinions in top quality
3. Special 5mm cardan shafts
4. New center slipper
5. Pro-composite carbon shock absorber holder with new geometry
6. New Shock absorber housing with 3mm piston rods in hard coating
7. Wishbone rear and front made of high-strength composite nylon
8. 9 and 11 degree C hubs as standard in the kit
9. New adjustable steering plate
10. Wishbone bracket made of aluminum with adjusting bushes
11. Steering servo bracket made of aluminum
12. Speed ​​2.0 body with Rear spoiler


  • Length 385mm
  • Width 245mm
  • Height 170mm
  • Ground Clearance  50mm
  • Wheelbase 282 – 285mm
  • Track Width Vo 232mm / Hi 222mm
  • Ratio Middle 81/19
  • Ratio Front&Rear 42/17

SWORKz S14-3 Manual



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