Rooster Juice Foam Tire Prep (Medium)

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RJ Softener is used when you need soften your foam tires to a lower Durometer reading. The more applications, the softer the tire will get. Put one coat on each tire and put in a ziplock bag for 20 minutes and see a 4 point drop in softeness


RJ Light is used when the track is wet and when thicker prep is filling the foam pores with dirt. Lite is also used if your car is aggressive on thicker prep. Lite is the all around go to prep if you want consistency. Also use light prep to clean and store your tires to keep them fresh.


Medium is used when the track is starting to groove up and you need something a bit more aggressive than light. Medium will fire off great and not fade. Medium is also used to calm the car down if the Aggressive prep fires off to aggressive


RJ Aggressive is used when maximum grip and fire off is needed,  This stuff will lock you down in the track and will be faster on fire off for the first 15 laps or so, after the initial 15 laps the car will stay consistent for remainder of the 4 min run. Be ready for the car to be super aggressive up front, play with how much prep u use on the tire, more is not always better!!!


Make sure when using all the preps, you rub the prep into the tire and let sit for at least 10 minutes for best use

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