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PROLINE HD Performance Transmission

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This item is discontinued or no longer available
1.00 LBS

PROLINE HD Performance Transmission


This is a Pre-Built Performance HD Transmission for the Pro-Line PRO-MT, PRO-2 SC truck, PRO-2 SC Buggy, , Slashëå 2WD, Electric Stampedeëå 2WD, Electric Rustlerëå and Banditëå*. Pro-Line is proud to release the HD version of the Performance Transmission, which has been specifically designed to bring your 2wd Stampedeëå up to its full bashing potential with all steel internal gears. Every feature you would expect to find in a high-end race transmission has been combined with incredible durability and is now available for your Stampedeëå. This new HD Performance Transmission is also a great addition to your Electric Slashëå 2WD, Electric Rustlerëå and Banditëå* and is a direct replacement for the Original Transmission that is included with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck and PRO-2 Buggy and a stock replacement for the PRO-MT Monster Truck!

Pre-Assembled _ÑÐ Install and Go!
Transmissions are complicated and have a lot of moving parts. Pro-Line has done the work for you and pre-assembled the transmission to get you out and bashing faster! All you have to do is Install and Go! The Sealed, Oil-filled Differential has been pre-filled with 5,000 wt. diff oil and the slipper system has been pre-set for proper performance.

Sealed, Oil-Filled Gear Differential
The single biggest feature and upgrade over your stock transmission is Pro-Line_Ñés Performance Differential. The design is based off of 1/8 Buggy style sealed differentials and is completely tunable to your current track conditions by changing the weight of the diff oil. The Differential features super smooth Steel Internal Diff Gears for the ultimate in durability and 4 O-Rings and a Diff Gasket that seals against fluid leakage. You will be amazed at how smooth the Differential is and how much it improves the performance of your vehicle.

Race Inspired Slipper System with Vented Discs
The Performance Transmission features a proven, race style Slipper Pad and plate system that is more consistent, lighter and runs truer than the stock slipper design. The Plates are Hard Anodized Aluminum with Vent Holes, which reduces heat and improves slipper consistency. Pro-Line_Ñés 86T Spur Gear is extra wide for durability and is not offset like the stock spur gear. No more wobbly spur gears! The Clear hard plastic Gear Cover has a removable rubber cap for easy access to adjust the tension on the slipper system. Adjustments can be made with the same 7mm tool that you use to remove wheel nuts.

Heavy Duty Steel Gears
Pro-Line_Ñés new Performance Transmission has been built to take some serious power with all steel internal gears. This allows for bigger motors, more powerful batteries and loads of wheelie popping fun! The Top Gear, Idler Gear, Bottom Gear and all of the internal Differential Gears are all made from strong Steel.

3mm Thick AluminumMotor Plate, Full Ball Bearings, & Other Awesome Features
There are so many other awesome features that make Pro-Line_Ñés Performance Transmission a must have. The motor mounts to 3mm thick Aluminum Motor Plate with cooling fins and a machined P-L logo, all of which act as a huge heat sink to keep your motor running cool. High quality Ball Bearings are used throughout the Transmission and the Differential spins on huge 10mm x 16mm x 5mm Ball Bearings for incredible load capability. The Toe Block is molded separate from the Transmission Case allowing for quicker and easier access to the Transmission when tuning the Differential Oil. The separate Toe Block also opens up the possibility for different tuning blocks (Toe Angle and Anti-Squat) to be used at some point in the future_Ñ_ The Hardened Steel Outdrive Shafts will accept the stock axles, as well as any aftermarket CVD_Ñés or drive shafts that you might have for your vehicle.

Pro-Line_Ñés Performance HD Transmission is the ultimate upgrade for your Slashëå 2WD, Electric Stampedeëå 2WD, Electric Rustlerëå or Banditëå* and is the stock replacement for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC, PRO-2 Buggy and PRO-MT trucks! No other company offers anything close to this type of performance upgrade for your Transmission, so be the first at your Bashing spot to streak past your friends with the help of your Pro-Line ProTrac, Power Stroke Shock and Transmission upgraded Stampede! Order your HD Performance Transmission Today!


  • Pre-Built - Ready to Install and Go!
  • Transforms your Vehicle into a High-End Bashing Machine
  • All Steel Internal Gears
  • Fully Tunable Oil Filled Super Smooth Gear Differential
  • Racing Style Slipper System with Vented Discs
  • 3mm thick Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Ball Bearings Used Throughout
  • Separate Toe Block for Easy Transmission Removal
  • Stock Replacement Part for the Pro-Line PRO-MT truck kit
  • Replacement Part Packs Available Separately Direct from Pro-Line_Ñés Website
    • 6092-01 _ÑÐ Replacement Plastics
    • 6092-02 _ÑÐ Gear Cover & Plug
    • 6092-03 _ÑÐ Aluminum Motor Plate
    • 6092-04 _ÑÐ Hardware
    • 6092-07 _ÑÐ 86T Spur Gear
    • 6092-08 _ÑÐ Diff Seal Kit
    • 6092-09 _ÑÐ Top Shaft & Slipper Parts
    • 6092-10 _ÑÐ Slipper Pads
    • 6092-11 _ÑÐ Bearings

Whats Included:

  • Pre-Built Performance Transmission
  • Extra Bottle of 5,000 wt. Diff Fluid
  • Hardware Bag: Motor Screws & Washers, Bumper/Wheelie Bar Mounting Screws, Outdrive Shims


  • Pro-Line PRO-MT
  • Pro-Line PRO-2 SC
  • Pro-Line PRO-2 Buggy
  • Traxxasëå Slashëå 2WD
  • Traxxasëå Stampedeëå 2WD Electric
  • Traxxasëå Rustlerëå Electric
  • Traxxasëå Banditëå (with the use of a 18t-19t pinion gear)



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