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KAVAN C50 Duo Charger with Balancer 2x 250W

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KAVAN C50 Duo Charger with Balancer 2x 250W


Palm-size dual channel DC fast charger with balancers for 1-16 cells NiCd/NiMH, 1-6 cells Li-Po/Li-ion/Li-Fe/LiHV/U-LiHV, 2-20V Pb with current 0,2-10A (max. 2x250W or 1x 400W/0,2-16A in parallel mode). Power supply 10-30V DC. Internal resistance measurement, USB-C port for firmware update.
The KAVAN C50 Duo 2x250W miniature charger is a two-channel smart charger with power supply from a car battery/stabilised mains supply and a very simple and intuitive operation. C50 Duo can charge common cell-types (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiHV, ULiHV, Li-ion, LiFe, Pb), plus it features built-in six-channel balancers to ensure safe charging of Lithium batteries. Charger is equipped with a color LCD and programming buttons, which offer you more comfortable and very clear parameter setting, control and monitoring of the charging process.

In addition to a compact „palm-size“ design and intuitive operation, worth a special mention is:

Program for new high-voltage lithium batteries LiHV with an output voltage for charging of up to 4,35 V and ULiHV with an output voltage for charging of up to 4,45 V
Option of synchronous operation of both channels for charging two identical batteries or parallel charging of one battery with up to 400 W of power
Adjustable end voltage for charging lithium batteries (allows more gentle charging that pilots like, or brutal over-charging suitable for car guys
Adjustable end voltage for lead-acid battery charging (1,90–2,45 V; allows charging of all types of lead-acid batteries)

Basic features and parameters overview:

Power supply 10–30 V DC (XT60 port); for full use of the charger’s max power output, the supply voltage should be at least 24 V
For charging 1–16 NiCd/NiMH cells, 1–6 Li-ion/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV/ULiHV cells or 2–20 V lead-acid batteries
Adjustable charging current (0,2–10,0 A) in each channelů (up to 250 W)
Max power output for charging 1×400 W (charging current 0,2–16,0 A) in a parallel charging mode
Charging termination via delta-peak automation for NiCd and NiMH batteries
Lithium and lead-acid batteries are charged via „constant current/constant voltage“ (CCCV) method
Adjustable delta-peak detection sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries
Adjustable end voltage for lithium and lead-acid battery charging
Charging mode allows charging of lithium batteries with or without balancer
C50 doesn’t have a discharge mode
Channel 1 (CH1) can be utilised as stabilised power supply with adjustable voltage of 5–24 V and current 0,2–5,0 A
Simple firmware update via USB-C port
Back-lit LCD with clear and simple menu and parameter monitoring during charging
Programming buttons for simple setting and operation of the charger
Safety is ensured by a number of warnings – incorrect input voltage, wrong connection, insuitable battery or its state, incorrect polarity etc.
Fan for forced cooling
Compact plastic case, very small dimensions

  • Input voltage (autobaterie – DC) [V] 10 – 30

  • Charging current [A] 0.2 – 10

  • Charging power [W] 250

  • Channels 2

  • NiCd [čl.] 1 – 16

  • NiMH [čl.] 1 – 16

  • Li-Po [čl.] 1 – 6

  • Li-Ion [čl.] 1 – 6

  • Li-Fe [čl.] 1 – 6

  • Li-HV [čl.] 1 – 6

  • Pb [čl.] 1 – 10

  • Balancer Yes

  • Balancer current [mA] 500

  • Length [mm] 90.5

  • Width [mm] 90.5

  • Height [mm] 47

  • Weight [g] 250

The charger is equipped with XT60 sockets in both channels and universal JST-XH sockets for service connectors, allowing direct connection of power cables and JST-XH service connectors of 2–6S packs. If you are using packs with XT60 and JST-XH connectors, you don’t need any charging cables or adapters. To connect service cables of a different system you can use standard adapters SkyRC or RC System.



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