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Front Spring Set, Low Frequency (4 pair): 22

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This item is discontinued or no longer available.
0.50 LBS

Front Spring Set, Low Frequency (4 pair): 22


Team Losi Racing Front Spring Set, Low Frequency (4 pair): 22

We are really excited to bring you new performance upgrade parts for the 22 platform:

Front Spring Set, Low Frequency (4 pair): 22/T/SCT
Rear Spring Set, Low Frequency (5 pair): 22/T/SCT

These springs have been tested for a few month by our race team with great success. The springs are made with much smaller increments between spring rates allowing for a finer tune on the setup. Rear springs are separated by only 0.06 lbs/in and fronts by only 0.12 lbs/in. The LF springs have a higher coil count than the traditional TLR Spring, which provides a lower frequency and a much less progressive feel. On the track, this translates to more overall grip around the track, and a less aggressive spring rebound which really helps the car settle after landing jumps. These springs are easily identifiable versus the traditional TLR springs as they have a black oxide coating which looks more like a matte finish compared to the black painted traditional TLR springs. They also have the color paint markings to identify the rate, but the coil count of the springs will also help to identify the rate even if the paint mark were to be remove. Lastly, the springs come in complete sets, so there is no need to track down several pairs. The front spring kit comes with 4 pairs of springs ranging from 2.86-3.18 lbs/in and the rear spring kit comes with 5 pairs of springs ranging from 1.96-2.16 lbs/in. The front spring set rate range is likely only going to be ideal for the 22 buggy, but the rear spring range will work for all the 22 platform vehicle; 22, 22T, 22SCT. Below are images, links, and the spring rate information for both the front and rear sets. 

The Low Frequency Spring Sets allow for a more plush suspension feel with increased grip and more stability. The four included springs are only separated by .12 lbs/in increments allowing for very fine tuning to get your 22 vehicle dialed in. The lower frequency springs also land better allowing for a mellow rebound as the car settles quicker and more consistently.

Springs included in order from softest to stiffest:
Pink 2.86 lbs./in 9.25 coils
Red 2.96 lbs./in 9.00 coils
Orange 3.03 lbs./in 8.75 coils
Silver 3.18 lbs./in 8.50 coils



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