Try A New Look for your 12.3" Crawlers!  Pro-Line Strikeforce Clear Body (PRO357600)

Are you working on a new Crawler build soon and don't know what direction you want to take it? How about try something military-inspired by Pro-Line! The Strikeforce Clear Body from Pro-Line (PRO357600) can start your build in many different directions. This body works with most 12.3" scale crawlers and provides a blank canvas for your next build, whether it requires a general-purpose military vehicle, a utility vehicle, or even a weapons carrier. This body is based off Full-size Light Combat Vehicles Used by the Armed Forces and add-on blast proof windows and air filter cap included as well as detailed decals. This works on SCX10™ II & III, Ascender, Element Enduro and other 12.3" wheelbase crawlers. You know BeachRC has you covered with free shipping on MOST orders over $100 so you can grab yours HERE. Grab them quick cause they are moving fast. 

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