Smart-Com Headsets Are Here!

Posted by Robert U on 12th Jan 2021

Smart-Com Headsets Are Here!

The Smart-Com wireless headsets are in stock and shipping at BeachRC! You grab them in REDBLUE, and GREY!  The Smart-Com wireless headset system consists of one “Master” and up to four “Remote” headsets. Smart-Com has a built-in Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) with Dialog SC14S DECT Module to give you the ability to communicate clearly in real-time, within a 300 meter range.

Smart-Com Headset (Standard) (Blue)

The Smart-Com electronic System includes the battery, a charger and a 0.96 inch LCD which are encased within the headset. The system works with a base station and the headsets are field-programmable.

Smart-Com headsets allow for simultaneous talk and two-way voice communication with partners. The flexible mic boom has a 270° rotational movement and can be easily interchanged between the left and right side, with the use of an Aux Switch. The microphone can be muted by a simple movement of flipping up the boom mic.

Smart-Com headsets also include a programmable SmartPit voice prompt function. This function includes Practice Mode, Timer Mode and Race Mode. The Start/Pause/Reset operating function is controlled by the Pit crew using the button on the mic boom arm.

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