Get your diffs ready for racing with Ultimate Racing Diff Oil

Are you looking for diff oils for RC racing season? Make sure your RC buggies and RC cars are at peak performance with Ultimate Racing Diff Oil. Ultimate Racing differential oil is made from 100% pure silicone oil and will not thin out in hot weather or thicken up in cold weather. The thicker the oil, the less your differential will "diff out" in the corners, where the two tires will turn at different speeds. Changing the differential oil in your diffs is one of the most important tuning options for off-road buggies. Ultimate Racing silicone oil content antifriction additives to minimize viscosity changes. 

What does diff oil do for RC cars? RC Explained has a video explaining it down below!

We carry Ultimate Racing's entire line of oils ranging a wide range of viscosity numbers. The higher the viscosity number of the oil, the thicker the oil is. You can See their entire line of products HERE

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