Check Out The New TRX-4 Bronco Tackle An  Extreme Crawling Course

This week Traxxas has given us a look at the badass new TRX-4 Bronco taking on an extreme crawling course! The TRX-4 uses the power of Portal axels to lift the differentials and axles under the chassis so the truck won’t high-center itself on large obstacles. The Bronco’s short wheelbase allows it to crest sharp inclines without dragging its chassis or getting caught on the rocks. Short front and rear overhangs allow the Bronco to scale steep inclines without running its bumper into the ground. Finally, a sharp turning radius helps the TRX-4 negotiate narrow trails and good trail brakes keep the truck under control when descending steep slopes. 

We'll be sure to grab a few of these as soon as it is available so keep an eye on our social media pages or join our mailing list to make sure you don't miss yours!

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