close takes over The Badlands!

Posted by Robert U on 17th Jan 2022 takes over The Badlands!

The RC track "The Badlands" has been around for racers in Myrtle Beach for 20 years. The Badlands Supercross original crew had their final year last year, a true end of an era. This isn't the end of the Badlands though! Brent Densford, Lucas Loring the BeachRC crew are going to take over the Badlands and keep this dirt RC track alive. The same events you love like Fall Brawl and Spring Sting will return but with facility improvements, wifi and other additions. BeachRC is going into 2022 swinging and we hope you are ready to ride with us. #Beachnation. This classic dirt RC track has offered racers a challenge and a place to gather for 20 years and hopes we can keep going for another 20 years. Thank you so much Beachnation, it's because of you and your love of the hobby we get to do things like this. We can't wait to see you at the track this year. 

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