BeachRC is partnering with Mayako!

Posted by Robert U on 17th Feb 2021

BeachRC is partnering with Mayako!

Mayako is making waves in the RC industry with their personalized service and unrivalled, industry leading direct access to the people behind the brand! Not only will the cars be personalized, but the support will be personal and be met on a per customer bases. Mayako strives to make each customer's experience feel personalized from the help they receive to helping them identify the best upgrade paths for them. In order to offer this level of service, Mayako is opening support networks all over the country! BeachRC is proud to announce we'll be part of the Mayako US support system! 

While custom Mayako kits will only be available from, BeachRC will be carrying the US standard kits and parts as well be able to service Mayako customers! BeachRC will be able to service Mayako customers via fast shipping and live customer service through To ensure the service level is up to our standard we are looking to set up service centers around the country. We aren't doing this alone though, we are working with Nick Waultlet(of The service centers are unique because they will allow us to work with the customer one on one. Instead of customers coming to us with a problem, we'll be emailing them to keep up with their concerns, any issues they have had with the car and any findings they have had with the car. Another feature this will allow us is trackside support and pitting help at races. Mayako's plan is to have support centers across different countries and markets to best serve you. 

Mayako will not have the typical sponsorship program you see but instead of a membership program. This ensure the support of the people who are committed and actively racing. With the membership you will also be given greater benefits like access to members only store on, discounts, access to prototype and pre-release parts and a members only discord channel in the Mayako server.  Mayako is focused on making a community of people who love the hobby, discussing setups and helping others. Another way Mayako is allowing you to communicate with them is their Discord server! Their server will have text and voice channels in hopes to get to know you better as well as video calls and live streams. This will be a great knowledge resource as well as a way to reach out directly anywhere in the world for help. 

Mayako is starting off making a 1/8th scale Nitro buggy and more information about the car will be coming soon. Make sure to follow their Facebook Page and Instagram for more information. We here at BeachRC are excited for the future of Mayako and look forward to you getting your hands on these buggies! 

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