An RC Documentary : 2023 ROAR Fuel Nats - BeachRC Presents

Last year I made almost 100 videos and finished the year with my first documentary. It took a piece of my soul doing that. Some may have thought that I quit making these videos. I did not. I just wanted to throw everything I got at a documentary that one day I can look back on and say, "I did that". I spent the last four months working solo on this project and around 350 hours of edit time. I even took a vacation and spent 7 days straight in my bedroom editing. I can at least say that I tried my best and left nothing on the table.

I went to the 2023 ROAR off-road fuel nationals. It was an interesting experience but enjoyable. Never getting to experience the California way of life I can see why people love it there.

I hope you'll enjoy the video and share it with your friends!

If I ever do another documentary it will have to be crowd funded. I have to find a way to not do these for free, so if you actually read this let me know in the comments if this is a feasible idea.

Thanks for watching and Love ya!

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