​All New Ultimate Racing Fuel Stick

​All New Ultimate Racing Fuel Stick

All New Ultimate Racing Fuel Stick

We are excited to release the all new Ultimate Racing Fuel stick for ultra-

quick refueling of nitro vehicles. This high quality fuel gun allows for a

perfect fuel flow race, it will not spill and is ergonomically shaped for the

fastest possible pit stops.

This Ultimate Racing Fuel Gun is one of the fastest guns on the market that

features a graduated 175cc fuel reservoir with easy to read volume marks

that allow you to quickly determine how much fuel was dispensed during

the pit stop. The ergonomic design of the release handle makes the

Ultimate Racing Fuel Stick Gun incredibly comfortable and easy to use,

helping to make your pit stops faster and more precise than ever before.

UR1414 - Ultimate Racing Fuel Stick w/Visible Tub

2nd Nov 2020 Robert U

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