All New Assault RC Fuel Stick Flashlight

Posted by Beach RC Bob on 29th Jan 2021

All New Assault RC Fuel Stick Flashlight

For Immediate Release:

Date: 1/29/21


Fuel Stick Flash Light

We all know that it is hard to see what you are doing at low light situations, but it is even harder when it is low light and under pressure. The new Assault RC Fuel Stick Flashlight assembly will help you accomplish your goal of fueling the 1/8 buggy or truggy in those intense scenarios. The light is telescopic and can be dialed in and the bracket will fit most if not all modern-day fuel sticks on the market. For more details go to or the global distributor for all Assault RC products.


  • Super beefed up 3D printed construction
  • Unique Telescopic flash light with laser etched Assault RC Logo
  • Black construction for stealth look
  • More Info:

  • Fits most plastic fuel sticks (Ultimate Racing, ProTek, JT Bearing, VP Pro)

  • Can be found online at HERE


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