Wallie Builds

Wallie builds is a company focused on supplying our customers with the best possible build we can do. While many RC enthusiasts choose to build their cars, some may feel a little intimidated or have no desire to build their vehicle, this is where Wallie Builds comes into the equation. When we supply a build service, we are building the car with the care and attention to detail that we take with our own cars. Every build that leaves our doors is built like it is going to the nationals with intent to win. We make sure the parts are as free as possible, while not feeling sloppy. The wiring in our builds can be considered second to none. We pride ourselves most in the ability to make cars look over the top when it comes to neatness. If you are looking to get started in the competitive world of radio controlled racing, Wallie Builds is there to take you to the top.

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