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Welcome to the TBRC sponsorship program. This is our way to give a little back to our customers who are helping us spread the word about our website by wearing our shirts and running our stickers. So here is how it works:


Podium Bonus: 
Get on the podium while wearing a shirt and get a 10% discount on your next order.

Exposure: Your podium photos get posted to our website and shared with our facebook community.

Contests: Compete in social media contests to win discounts and other special offers.


How to join:

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Like our Facebook page
  3. Wear our logo

T-shirts are offered for free on you first order over $100, for sale for $15 on, or you can download the logo and add it to your race shirts. If you already have a account sign in and go to your account details and at the bottom of your details enter your shirt size.  If you do not have a account you will be prompted to make one at time of checkout and at that time you will be asked your shirt size.  If you need a logo that doesn't exist on the site please email us and we will send it over to you.


Podium Requirements:

  1. The race must be a trophy race in other words not a club race. Why not club races you ask; because club races are supposed to be about commardery and helping each other improve. The club race results should always be secondary to experience.
  2. There must be 5 or more entries in a given class. We are not about supporting chicken hawks, and we are about encouraging people to try new classes. So if your favorite class just so happens to be light on the numbers then its time to twist some arms and get those numbers up... your local track will thank you!
  3. Post a race report to facebook. You can also email it to us if you are anti social networking. If you have other sponsors you know the deal, If not we want to hear about your race. At the very least we expect a podium photo and a photo or pdf of the main results. But please let your creativity fly. Good race reports can help you get other sponsors no matter what level your at. With that being said, BE POSITIVE and BE GRATEFUL. Even if the track was a cow pasture and the drivers stand was several milk crates sitting in a line, thank the hosts and find something positive to say.
  4. Your Podium Bonus code will be emailed to the email address associated with your account one week from the when your race report was received. The discount will be valid for 30 days from the date it is sent to you. It cannot be combined with other discounts.

General Guidelines:

  1. Be Cool! Any conduct that we witness or get reports of that we feel is detrimental to the brand will get you kicked off the team. This program is all about rewarding the fine folks who represent our brand in a positive and wholesome manner, so be cool! has the right to deny anyone team status and benefits at its descression.
  2. In order to qualify for any TBRC Bonuses or other benefits must be the only online hobby shop that you are currently representing.
  3. Podium Bonuses and other benefits or discounts cannot be sold, traded, or transferred.
  4. has the right to use your photos, likeness and race reports at its discretion.
  5. has the right to cancel or amend the TBRC program at any time.


We want you to be part of our team and not wish you were.