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All New Arrma Outcast 4S V2 | Can We Break It Long Jump!
BeachRc got their hands on the NEW Arrma Outcast 4S V2 and we beat it like a broken drum! We like to review products like kids with no regard for destruction!!! The Outcast took just about everything we could throw at it! We did wheelies, backflips,
The Wicked Weekend : Ahab & the Whale Chronicles

The Wicked Weekend : Ahab & the Whale Chronicles

Posted by lucas on 10th Aug 2022 sent Ahab & the Whale to Gainsville, GA for the Wicked Weekend. One of the most anticipated races of the year this was one to remember! We got lots of interviews with the great people of RC and had some laughs. Drank some beer too. I like
Part 2 Sworkz Apollo II 1/8 RTR Buggy BeachRC Product Review
BeachRC is back with part 2 of this series! We're reviewing the Sworkz Apollo 2 RTR 1/8 Brushless Ebuggy. In this episode we start it up, bash it in the street and parking lot, put it in a field and jump some mulch piles! Then we take the Sworkz Apol
Ready-To-Run RC Buggy I CAN RACE!?!?

Ready-To-Run RC Buggy I CAN RACE!?!?

Posted by lucas on 6th Jul 2022

It's time for another Product Review! This time we look into a new to the U.S.A. market RTR off-road buggy! Which manufacture could it be from? We do a deep dive into this product, go over all of the parts, and check our all of the featur
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